5 Steps To Follow When Your Commercial Vehicle Breaks Down

When your livelihood is based on driving a truck or another heavy vehicle, you expect your vehicle to function for hours and even days at a time. Even if your truck has been properly maintained, you may notice:

Transmission issues
Rusted parts

If these issues become serious, your truck could break down in the middle of the road. This situation is certainly difficult, but you can overcome it when you know what steps to follow.

1. Be prepared

The company you work for is responsible for regularly maintaining your vehicle and getting safety checks from mechanics. They should also provide you with proper training and supplies in case of an emergency.

Before you hit the road, make sure you always have the following in your truck so you're prepared for any situation:

The number of a towing company
A charger for your mobile phone
Food and water
Ice scraper
Jumper cables
Flares or reflectors
Tool kit

Before you head out, check the weather report and look up traffic conditions and construction zones. Drive safely, always obeying traffic laws and wearing a seat belt. However, even if you follow these guidelines, you may still have an issue with your truck at some point. Read on to find out what to do in this situation.

2. Pull over

If you notice a problem, act immediately so you don't become trapped in the middle of traffic. Turn on your turn signal, and pull to the shoulder of the road. Then turn on your hazard lights.

If you are in a place where you can't pull over (or your vehicle has completely died), simply stop and turn on your hazard lights. Traffic will go around you. Don't exit your vehicle unless it is absolutely necessary.

3. Call a towing company

After you report the incident to your boss, make sure that you have the number of a reliable, 24-hour towing company saved in your mobile phone or written on a paper somewhere in your truck.

Be prepared to tell the towing company:

Your location, including the nearest intersection or exit number and any nearby landmarks

Your licence plate number
Your name and phone number
The type of fuel your vehicle uses

Ask the towing company the licence plate number of the recovery vehicle they're sending so you know what to look for. A recovery vehicle will arrive quickly to move your vehicle from the road.

4. Wait safely

A reliable towing representative should arrive within a couple of hours, and you should wait with your vehicle until he or she gets there. Exiting your vehicle unnecessarily can be dangerous.

5. Verify

When the tow truck arrives, check the licence plate number to ensure it is the vehicle that was sent. You'll ride in the truck with the representative while your truck is towed behind.

The towing company will give you more information about payment and insurance. Make sure you follow up with them.

Follow these steps so you're always prepared for a breakdown on the road. If your truck does stop working, call a trustworthy heavy-vehicle towing company to recover your vehicle.

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