Heavy Tow Truck Services by Barnes Auto Co

Barnes Auto Co Heavy Tow Trucks!

Barnes Auto Co boasts Australia’s largest fleet of heavy towing and recovery vehicles, including Australia’s largest heavy vehicle towing unit. 

Our Heavy Towing & Recovery units have the capability to transport anywhere between 4.5 and 150 tonnes. In short, we’ll cover pretty much any requirement.

Along with our 24 hour – 7 days a week operating hours, you can be assured we have got you covered.


Damage Free Assurance

Offering damage-free towing anywhere and at any time, with Barnes Auto Co, you can always expect the very best from our team.

Heavy recovery truck company

With over 100 years of experience in the heavy tow truck industry, Barnes Auto Co’s heavy-duty towing services are the most respected and sought after across Queensland and the entire Northern New South Wales area

Our fully qualified and certified heavy recovery truck operators are highly skilled at complex heavy vehicle towing, including semi-trailer towing, B-double towing, motorhome towing, truck towing, heavy haulage towing, and more. 

Heavy towing operators

Each of our big tow truck drivers is well experienced and certified to handle a diverse range of specialised recovery operations. They undergo rigorous technical training and annual continued instruction to guarantee that you are always getting the most qualified and experienced person for the job.

We ensure that every safety precaution is taken at all times so you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle will be safely recovered and towed to your destination whenever you call us

Fully equipped heavy tow trucks

With as much experience as we have with heavy truck towing, you know our heavy-duty tow truck services are the best option no matter the circumstances of your recovery. Barnes Auto Co’s heavy truck towing crews are equipped with superior vehicle tracking systems that allow them to reach the location of your disabled vehicle as swiftly as possible. 

Not only are our heavy towing crews trained in the precise details of heavy recovery and heavy-duty towing, but we also have all the heavy truck towing equipment needed to get the job done right the first time. No matter how tricky the recovery is. 

So give us a call. The knowledgeable dispatchers at one of our heavy truck towing locations will talk you through the operation from start to finish before matching you with the most experienced team to handle your heavy towing job.

How we handle heavy truck towing jobs

At Barnes Auto Co, we know that every heavy-duty towing job presents its own unique challenges and problems. That is why we carefully study every job in advance. We also consider things like logistics, the technical experience required, and the necessary parts or resources we’ll need to complete each job as efficiently as possible. 

In other words, we make sure that we are always prepared for any kind of heavy vehicle recovery. We prioritise every call because we know how important it is to get you back on the road as quickly, safely, and cost-effectively as possible.

The tow truck company you can rely on

We’ve been in the heavy truck towing business for over a century, so you know that we definitely have the knowledge to handle just about any heavy towing situation. Barnes Auto Co is the company to call when you need a fast, reliable, and experienced heavy-duty tow truck service. So contact us today to find out how we can help you!

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