Our Versatile Fleet of Specialised Vehicles


Super Tilts

Our Super Tilt units have a carrying capacity of up to 25-tonnes. So weather you need a Bus, Coach, Prime Mover or any other Commercial Vehicle transported, these units have you covered.

Tilt Tray

Our Tilt Tray units support a carrying capacity up to 11-tonnes. So weather you need a trailer, commercial vehicle or any other equipment transported, these tilt tray units along with our highly qualified tow operators assure you are in good hands.

Heavy Tow

Our Heavy Towing & Recovery units have the capability to transport anywhere between 4.5 and 150 tonnes. In short, we’ll cover pretty much any requirement.


Our state-of-the-art fleet makes the most of the latest technology with a diverse range of specialised vehicles, air-bag recovery equipment, and machinery with winches and other attachments.

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