Reasons To Hire A Towing Company

It's never fun when your car, truck or large work vehicle stops serving its purpose. Whether you're stuck in the middle of the outback or just 10 km from work, you can rely on towing services to come to the rescue, even if you drive a large specialty vehicle. Here are a few reasons why you may need to tow your vehicle.

Car Accidents

If you've recently been stuck in traffic caused by an accident on the motorway, you know that totalled vehicles cause congestion and danger when left sitting on the road for too long. A severe accident may result in a flipped car or auto parts strewn about multiple car lanes.
Hopefully you never get in a bad accident, but if you do, a tow truck can come to the scene to haul your car or truck to safety.

The last thing you want to worry about after an accident is getting your truck off the road, so let a tow truck do it for you. Even if your truck seems safe to drive, don't take your chances. Get it towed and have a mechanic give it a once over before you drive it again.

Moving a Non-Functional Vehicle

Life happens and sometimes your car stops working. Some unfortunate gents' cars may malfunction at inopportune times, like when they're driving. Maybe you stop for gas and your truck’s battery goes dead. Maybe you forgot to put petrol in your service vehicle and now you're stranded far from help.

If you happen to run out of petrol on the highway, a tow truck can bring you fuel or even tow you to the nearest petrol station. Or the tow truck driver will have a strong enough battery to jumpstart your truck’s battery with ease. Even big vehicles get into trouble sometimes, and a heavy duty hauling company will have a large tow truck to come to the rescue.

Winch-Out Services

During the rainy season your truck may get stuck in the mud, sand or even water. A small personal vehicle can't tow out a truck or a large van, but a specialty tow truck can. Keep a local large format tow company's number in your mobile for emergency situations like this.

When you call the tow company, try to explain the details of the situation as clearly as possible. The driver will know exactly what to bring to get you out. They'll pull your truck out of the mud and even turn it right-side-up if it has flipped.

Flat Tyre Assistance

When your service truck gets a flat tyre, you can't just change it yourself. Large vehicles require special equipment and jacks to raise their weighty frames. Call a tow company that specialises in heavy duty towing. They'll have the tools like an 80 tonne jack and a large air gun to fix your flat tyre. It's quite dangerous to change, say, a semi truck's tyre on the roadside, so the tow truck will probably tow your rig to safety before fixing the problem.

Transportation of Large Items

Your business may occasionally need to transport an exceptionally large item once in a while. This includes portable buildings, storage containers or heavy farm equipment. Call a tow company to do a one-time haul for you. They'll be well-equipped to haul almost anything.

Whether you own a larger vehicle or drive a large truck for work, you can rest easy knowing there are larger tow vehicles out there t o help you when necessary. Call a heavy -duty hauling company for any of the above problems and more. They'll be able to handle your problem - no problem.

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