Tow Truck Toowoomba

Tow Truck Toowoomba

Wherever you break down, Barnes Auto Co is there to help. We offer light and heavy towing on the Toowoomba , and with depots across the state, it never takes us long to get to you. Our top of the range fleet of tow trucks includes heavy tow trucks and super tilt tray vehicles that allow us to tackle any situation you find yourself in, whether you need towing in South Brisbane or heavy towing on the Toowoomba.

Specialists in heavy vehicle towing

Truck towing is our main area of business and one that we have perfected over our 100-year history. Whether you need towing in Virginia or the Toowoomba, when you call us we carefully consider the logistics, parts, and resources and equipment that we will need to complete a heavy truck tow as safely and efficiently as possible. Barnes Auto Co knows how to get you unstuck and back home safely, so call us as soon as you need heavy vehicle and truck towing on the Toowoomba.

24-hour service for emergency towing

No one wants to find themselves needing a tow truck on the Toowoomba in the middle of the night, but breakdowns rarely happen at ideal times. If that happens, you can rest assured knowing that Barnes Auto Co can help with truck towing on the Toowoomba at any time, any day of the week. If you need us in an emergency, get in touch with us by phone for an immediate response.


At Barnes Auto Co, we’re the experts in heavy towing in Toowoomba. Our heavy tow trucks are capable of towing weights of up to 150 tonnes, and we specialise in truck towing services for large vehicles. Even if you have a truck loaded with heavy equipment, such as building machinery, we can still help you with our fleet of heavy-duty tow trucks engineered for heavy towing. If you need a heavy tow, let our experienced team of towing experts help you.

If you need heavy towing in Toowoomba, there are a few factors that will influence the cost:

  • The location you have broken down — The longer the distance our truck needs to travel from the depot, the more the heavy tow will cost.
  • The size of the vehicle that needs to be towed — The larger your vehicle, the bigger the tow truck you’ll need. The size of the tow truck required will determine the costs.
  • If specialised equipment is needed — Specialised equipment is sometimes needed if your vehicle has become stuck or has rolled over. This could increase the cost of the tow. 

To get an idea of heavy towing costs, submit a request for a quick and easy online quote through our website.

At Barnes Auto Co, we proudly offer heavy towing in Toowoomba 24-hours, 7 days a week. We’re here for you whenever you need a heavy tow in Toowoomba. We offer both light and heavy towing in Toowoomba, so no matter the size of your vehicle, we can help.

Barnes Auto Co offers heavy towing services throughout Queensland and Northern NSW. We have depots in the following locations:

For all your towing needs, contact us online or call us on (07) 3274 1111.

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